Pizza Snob – 7/25/16

Pizza Snob is located near the TCU campus in Fort Worth Texas. Cane Roso in Forth Worth did us well 2 years ago, but we decided to try something different this trip.

The Good:

  • Amazing toppings
  • $5 Uber ride from the motel
  • Air conditioned

The Bad:

  • The dough is pressed with a machine to make the crust, thereby forcing all of the air out and leaving essentially a flour tortilla
  • Skimpy on the sauce
  • Some of the crust was under cooked
  • Very poor beer selection

The first pizza was a create your own. You go down the line and choose your toppings. This is the Subway of pizza joints. We chose provolone/mozzarella blend, red sauce, pepperoni, salami, bacon, and butter garlic meatballs. This was the best of the two, but left us wanting. The second pizza was the Thai Potsticker pizza (chicken sausage, spicy honey, cilantro, red pepper asiago blend, and sweet thai chili cream sauce. We had high hopes, but it was very unimpressive. 2 beers, 2 pizzas – $26. Cheap, but not worth it. To be a contender, they need to work on their process. It appears to be set up so that even a caveman can make these pizzas. We won’t be back.

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