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Freetail 5/23/14

If you like a good cold lager with a nice malt flavor, this is not the place for you. If you like ales with bitter hop taste, you’ll like this place. If you like great pizza, You’ll love this place.

We won’t comment further on the beer as we were not impressed. We ordered chips and salsa as an appetizer. The salsa was very good, but the chips were not very crisp. They had a stale crunch to them. And, there was no trace of oil. Maybe they were baked. We’ll have to try them again.

The pizza is a different story. We ordered 2 pizzas. As a departure from the norm, we ordered something vegetarian. The Mucho Mushroom pizza had sundried tomato pesto, shitake, white & portabella mushrooms, topped with Italian parsley. The best mushroom pizza we ever ate. Ever. Of course it is the only mushroom pizza we ever ate. Ever. We also ordered the Meathead pizza with tomato sauce, salami, pepperoni, canadian bacon, italian sausage, and bacon. It’s what pizza should be. Thin crisp crust that stands up and doesn’t flop. Just the right amount of sauce. And plenty of tasty meat. We’ll be back to do this one again.

🙁 Poor beer selection

🙂 Excellent crust

🙂 Flavorful toppings

🙂 Good roasted salsa

🙁 Poor beer selection

🙁 Stale chips

🙂 10 minute drive from Larry’s house

🙁 25 minute drive from Henry’s house (move dude)