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Recon – Di Frabo Ristorante Italiano 8/24/15

This was a solo trip. Henry could’t make it so Larry was out scouting pizza. Di Frabo is located across IH 10 from the Dominion. They have an extensive italian menu, but pizza was ordered.
” I ordered a pepperoni as that is what I usually judge pizzas by. The pizza was cooked in a gas fired brick oven. When the pizza was delivered, I could see the there was way too much cheese on it. The crust was somewhat doughy. Overall, it was somewhat reminiscent of the old San Pedro Drive-in pizza. I managed to eat less than half. I spoke to the manager about the pizza and gave him my opinion. He said the pizzas were baked at 575 degrees for 3 minutes. I think 900 degrees for 90 seconds would work better. They roll their dough which I believe contributes to the sub par crusts. I told the manager that I was not complaining, rather, offering some constructive criticism. To his credit, he comped the pizza and made me a new one to boot. I took it home and had it later. It was better, but they still have a ways to go. I’ll be back sometime, but for now I give it 3 stars out of 10.”

Di Frabo Pizza

Too much cheese

Di Frabo Pizza Oven

Di Frabo Pizza Oven