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Sorrento Ristorante 6/27/14 (revisit)

Today we revisited the first place we went when we began this pizza journey. Sorrento Ristorante is a family owned and operated located on Broadway in Alamo Heights since 2001. Our server today was Emily, granddaughter of the man who started it all, Gino Ciccone.

3 pizzas were ordered today knowing that the leftovers could be reheated for breakfast tomorrow. The crusts were made with a very tasty dough, but were a little limp at the tips of the slices, requiring support. They were thin and light, just as we like them. Perhaps a hotter oven or a drier sauce would perfect the crust.

The pepperoni pizza was greasy. Yes, greasy just like a pepperoni pizza should be. If it’s not greasy, it’s not a pepperoni pizza.

The second pizza we ordered had prosciutto, bacon, and pineapple. It was a great change from the traditional “hawaiian” pizza (canadian bacon and pineapple). The flavors melded well and made this a very enjoyable pizza. We would have liked have had pancetta on it, but it wasn’t available.

The third pizza was the Neopolitan with Baby Broccolini and Homemade Sausage. The broccolini worked surprisingly well on this pizza. The sausage was very good with none of the flavors overpowering the others as so often happens with italian sausage. There was a hint of garlic on the pizza which tied all the flavors together.

🙂 Friendly server

🙂 Cold Beer

😐 No draft beer

🙂 Chilled mugs

🙂 Friendly server

🙂 Quality ingredients

🙂 Restaurant atmosphere

🙂 Cool looking to-go boxes (Henry’s idea… too much Moretti’s)

3 pizzas and 6 beers set us back $73.66. Not too bad.

No, this is not a gourmet pizza place. This is an italian restaurant that serves excellent pizza. The food was made even better by our wonderful and friendly server Emily. We taught her a new way to pour beer. Ask her to show you.

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