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Deano’s Pizza – 7/24/17

Next stop – Deano’s Pizza in Lafayette Louisiana. Deano’s is a sit-down pizzeria turning out crisp-crust pies including Cajun specialties in a family setting. I was there for supper and they have a 6″ pizza (one topping) for one for only $6.59. Or. you can get any of their specialty pizzas in a 6″ version for $7.59. I ordered a 6″ Tee Rex, The Ultimate Meat Eater. which has pepperoni, canadian bacon, smoked sausage, italian sausage, bacon & beef. I had them add candied jalapeños, too. The crust was pretty thin and fairly crisp. I think they should crank up the heat in the oven. The toppings were somewhat bland, with the exception of the candied jalapeños. I would take those on just about any pizza. They tasted like a sweet pickle, but instead of using cucumber, they used jalapeños. Yuengling on tap! I had 2… thanks Uber. 6.5 anchovies out of 10

Deano's Pizza

pi Pizza – 7/24/17

Well, it’s road trip time again. Henry wasn’t able to get a kitchen pass, so I’ll (Larry) be going it alone. First stop this year is π Pizza in Houston Texas. This place is described as a “happening haunt serving inventive pizzas, sandwiches, frozen cocktails & liquor-infused ice cream”. I arrived at 11:15 on Monday morning and the place was empty. I left at noon, and the place was still empty. I ordered the Meat Bro pizza which is topped with pepperoni, house made italian sausage, pancetta, beef, and thick smoked bacon, with pizza sauce and a mozzarella/provolone blend. The lunch special was an 8″ pizza for $8. Just enough pizza for a meal. I also ordered a Lobo Negro from Pedernales Brewing in Fredericksburg Tx. Just one tough… I’m driving. The pizza came in a timely fashion and was perfectly charred on the top and had a crisp bottom. The toppings were tasty and ample. The house made sausage was the best. The crust was a little thicker than I prefer. It was pushing 3/8″ and one part of it was almost 3/4″ thick. This inconsistency brought the overall score down, so I’ll have to give it 7 anchovies out of 10. And yes, I’ll stop back again if I’m in the neighborhood.

Pi Pizza

Pi Pizza pizza pie
Pi Pizza special