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Grimaldi’s 4/15/14 (revisit)

Today we went to Grimaldi’s at The Quarry. It is a chain restaurant, but they have great pizza. Their brick oven is fired with anthracite coal.

We started with a Peroni and a Shiner Bock. The meatball pizza looked good, so we ordered a personal size. They lie. There are no meatballs on the pizza. There are only slices of meatballs.

Larry suggested grilled chicken and sun dried tomatoes on the next pizza. Henry suggested adding anchovies. So it was a grilled chicken and sun dried pizza with anchovies on Henry’s half. The stray piece of anchovy that crawled over to Larry’s side reminded him of why there were anchovies on Henry’s half only.

🙂 The personal (12″) pizza is only $9.

😐 The small (16″) pizza is $14.

🙂 The fresh mozzarella is produced by free range cows.

🙂 Anchovies and ‘meatball’ toppings are $2.

😐 Sun dried tomatoes topping is $4.

🙁 Grilled chicken topping is $5 (and a little scarce on the pizza).

🙁 Topping on half of the pizza is full price

🙂 Good beer selection.

🙂 Server Luan is great.

They dropped one slice of the small pizza on the floor in the kitchen and brought the pizza to the table missing the slice. They made another small pizza with the same topping to go at no charge ($18 value).

2 pizzas and 6 beers was about $65 including the tip. This is a little high, but the pizza was good.