Oklahoma Joe’s – Olathe Kansas 7/24/14


The last stop on our food tour was in Olathe Kansas at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. We ended the tour like we started it… with barbeque. Last year, Larry ate at the original location in Kansas city. The Olathe location worked better with our schedule.


We arrived at 6 in the evening and the line extended to the door. The line moved fast and we placed our order after about a 15 minute wait. Henry ordered a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy and Larry ordered a draft Boulevard Wheat. We ordered a rack of pork ribs and a half pound of brisket. Henry ordered a bowl of Smoked Chicken Gumbo.


The brisket was lean and tasty. The ribs were tender and glazed with bbq sauce. The ribs tasted like they had been brined. Henry says the gumbo was very tasty. The roux was a little thicker than most and the smoky chicken was as tender as could be. We have been spoiled by Cooper’s bbq with the flavors that jump out and grab you. These are 2 different styles of cooking and both places excel in what they do best. We say the Cooper’s bbq is definitely the better que.


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  1. L W

    Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Que’s founders have operated separate restaurant operations in Kansas and Oklahoma.

    Now they are cutting the remaining ties as they grow their businesses.

    Jeff and Joy Stehney, owners of the area locations in Kansas City, Kan., Leawood and Olathe, are transitioning to the name Joe’s Kansas City.

    Now the other co-founder, Joe Davidson, said he will open another Oklahoma Joe’s in Tulsa in 2015, as well as two restaurants in Washington, D.C. He also wants to open a facility in the Tulsa area so he can ship his Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue throughout the U.S.

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