Barbaro Pizza 1/5/15

Barbaro's Dining Room

Barbaro’s Dining Room

Fantastic Pizza

Someone told Henry that we should try this place. We thank them whoever they are. Barbaro Pizza is located in the Monte Vista neighborhood at the corner of McCullough and Huisache in a building built in 1950. Great Pizza! Great Beer! Great Service! Our server Ashley was very attentive, but not overbearing. She was always there when we needed her.

Barbaro Pizza's Beer Menu

Barbaro Pizza’s Beer Menu

Plus, she knows beer. The selection of beer is outstanding. You won’t find any light beers and you won’t even find a Shiner. Henry likes Belgian-style beers, so he ordered a Real Ale Devil’s Backbone. It is a tripel that suited his tastebuds so much that he had a second one. Larry is a fan of stouts, so he ordered a Founder’s Breakfast Stout. another great beer that required two encores. Both of these beers clock in at over 8% abv, so, as we were both driving, we stopped there.

We ordered two pizzas. The first was a build-your-own. We got a small pizza and added pepperoni and soppressata. The soppressata added a wonderful flavor to the pizza. The crust was just a little thicker than we usually like, but it was cooked well; browned nicely, didn’t flop when picked up, and had a nice chew.

Barbaro Pizza Menu

Barbaro Pizza Menu

The dough itself had more flavor than most. The sauce was not too wet and not too dry, there was not too much nor was there too little, and was seasoned perfectly. The second was the Lamb, Kale, Arrabbiata, Mozzarella, and Pecorino house pizza. Again, the crust was excellent. The arribiatta sauce or sugo all’arrabbiata in Italian, is a spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked in olive oil. It gave the pizza a nose. As you take a bite, the small makes you think you are eating a bowl of Texas chili (no beans). But the taste is nothing like that. This is the first pizza we have eaten that uses this sauce, and the first pizza with pecorino – the name of a family of hard Italian cheeses made from Ewe’s milk. As an appetizer, Henry tried their french onion soup. He rated with the best onion soups that he has had.

Barbaro Pizza Cocktail Menu

Barbaro Pizza Cocktail Menu

Barbaro also has an interesting variety of cocktails along with phosphates and egg creams.  We have to say that Barbaro serves some of the best pizza we have ever tried. The only problem that we can see is which pizzas to order on our next visit. They all look delicious.

🙂 Great beer selection

🙂 Excellent crust

🙂 Flavorful toppings

🙂 Wonderful atmosphere

🙂 Excellent service

🙂 reasonable lunch prices


Pepperoni and Soppressata Pizza

Pepperoni and Soppressata Pizza

Lamb, Kale, Arrabbiata, Mozzarella, and Pecorino Pizza

Lamb, Kale, Arrabbiata, Mozzarella, and Pecorino Pizza

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