Road Trip – 600 Degrees Pizzeria – 7/25/16

IMG_1211Larry and Henry are on the road again. First stop is 600 Degrees Pizzeria in Georgetown Texas. 24 taps of craft beers. Larry had a 512 Pecan Porter. Only one as he is the driver. Henry had Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Beers were served good and cold. Too bad it’s lunchtime with many more miles to go today. Pizza is available by the slice or whole pie.We ordered 2 slices. The first slice was the Pirate (genoa salami, pepperoni, italian sausage, canadian bacon, and fresh garlic). The meats were plentiful and bursting with flavor and perfectly cooked for maximum wow. We only wish that the sausage would have been under the sliced meats so that it didn’t roll off. The second slice was the El Camino (charbroiled chicken, real bacon, pineapple, fresh cut basil, and hot sauce). This pizza was all over the place. Every bite tasted different depending on the mix of ingredients. All bites were outstanding. One of the most flavorful pizzas we have ever tasted. The crust was good, although a little soft at the point. After eating about 1/3 with a knife and fork, we were able to pick the pizza up without it flopping. Pizza was served on a pizza pan with a paper lining. Knife and fork does not well on paper. The crust was like a baguette. Good chew and flavor. In and out for about $25 plus tip. Great deal for great pizza.

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